TrustLink consists of a suite of compliance-focused services to assist escrow and title companies with their trust accounting. Our services range from data integration and reconciliation to unclaimed property. We also provide IRS tax reporting service for 1099-S filing.


Our experienced team of reconciliation experts provide the only true daily 3-way reconciliation for all your trust accounts.

You may rest assured that your accounts are reviewed on a daily basis and any irregularities are presented to you on your exception report.

Need assistance in managing your exceptions? Just call or email your assigned reconciler.

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Positive Pay & Electronic Banking

Positive Pay is a service offered by banks used to compare company issued checks to those presented for payment. The system is used as a check fraud deterrent. Positive Pay helps protect companies against altered and counterfeit checks.

Our team uploads your file to the bank on a daily basis prior to the bank cut-off time.

Electronic banking is a service used to aid in the reconciliation process. A file containing all of the cleared items for the previous day is downloaded and imported into our software. The information is then compared to the integrated data from our customer's software to provide the daily 3-way reconciliation.

Our team imports banking transactions from hundreds of banks on a daily basis prior to completion of the reconciliation.

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Unclaimed Property (UCP)

Experienced in handling unclaimed property issues in all 50 states, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands, our UCP team can assist you in eliminating your exposure to costly penalties by conducting the proper state-based escheating procedures on your old, outstanding checks.

Our team of Unclaimed Property agents keep abreast of all State unclaimed property laws.

Our service is interactive and allows you to customize the process to your company's needs.

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1099-S Tax Reporting Service & W-9 Due Diligence

Make reporting your 1099-S information quick and easy.

We use the IRS TIN verification system which sends the taxpayer identification number and name through the IRS database prior to filing. Any numbers that do not match the name are reported to you.

With our W-9 due diligence service, a new W-9 form is sent to the taxpayer for correction. This process is tracked and reports are stored to provide proof in the event of an IRS audit or penalty notice.

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Our Consulting Service Team is on-call and ready to assist you with audits, clearing exceptions, and reconciling your accounts that may be in arrears.

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